Extra study materials

If you join our one-day theory course, you will get extra study materials.
This way we make sure you will pass for sure!

3250 Practising questions

You will receive the correct answer with an explanation after answering.
Easy way to study a certain topic.

50 Exams

Test yourself before you go to CBR. By doing this, you know you will pass or sure at CBR.

Practise priority

Who goes first? Choose the order in which traffic is allowed to drive.

Are you dyslexic? Then you can request extra time for your theory exam. This option is also available for the practice exams. The program also includes an option to adjust the font for dyslexia, an option to change the color settings for people with red-green color blindness and blue color blindness, and the option of audio support. This makes this theory practice platform the best in the Netherlands.


You start studying through the practice questions. After answering a question, you will immediately receive the answer. Here is a detailed explanation of why this is the right answer. So that’s how you learn. With an exam, you will not immediately get the answer, but you will see at the end whether you passed or not. Here too there is an explanation for each question.

What our students say:

  • Avatar Johanna Golec
    I signed up for theory lessons and the exam 4 weeks ago. Over the last 4 weeks I have attended the Zoom course every Sunday from 10.00-18.00 and did the … More exercises and mock exams on the platform. I have had lessons with 3 different instructors, all of them had very good tips and explain it very clearly and simple.
    Today I passed my theory exam on my first attempt. The questions were worded a little differently to the ones I practiced, but I was very well prepared for them.
    Thank you very much.
  • Avatar Melanie Wong
    I have signed up for the physical and online course with unlimited access to zoom classes and practise exams. I am glad the teachers provided very good … More explanations and the mock exams allowed me to practise 3x of 50 mock exams to prepare for my theory exams. I have passed with 1 attempt by studying intensively in 1 month before my exam last week. Thanks to the wonderful teachers, online materials and great support. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to take the theory exam of driving licence!
  • Avatar Samiksha Ghimire
    I took one day live intensive zoom theory (10 am to 6pm) course given by a Teacher whom I cannot recommend enough. The teacher was really good and we were … More given plenty of opportunities to ask questions. She was very patient in explaining the rules and what is expected. I also used their online mock exams (50 sets) to practice. I managed to practice around 40 sets. At the end I passed with 3-0-0 mistakes. Before taking this intensive one day theory course, I tried few times on my own but with out success. On a hind sight I realise that I should have taken online theory course given by a teacher immediately after the first time I didn't make it. Finally, I am on the other side.
  • Avatar Rashad Fatairy
    I used The National Theory Centre platform to study and took a one day course. It was great. I passed the theory exam from the first go. Customer support … More is also good and very responsive. I gave myself 2-3 months to practice and study daily on the platform, and with the course it went very well.
  • Avatar Jaden Tega
    Highly recommended! I enrolled for the one day crash course which gave me access to the platform with many exercises and mock exams and I must say it's … More the best decision I made. I passed my exams in one sitting.
    I would recommend you already practice some of the questions on the platform before the day of the crash course else you might feel overloaded with information.
  • Avatar Melody
    Finally I passed my theory exam with almost no mistakes! Thank you Shama and the team for the support. + They have an amazing customer service too! Highly … More recommend this place 🙂 they are now even helping me to find a good driving course!
    But don't expect that you will pass your exam by joining only the one day course (since it has a lot of topics to cover and the class is quite fast). The key is:
    1. To do ALL the exercises that they provided beforehand
    2. Join the 1 day class (for crosschecking what you've learned from the exercises)
    3. After that do the mock exams (at least 25-30 exams, you have to do it until you pass everything). The real exam questions are 90-95% the same as the mock exams that they provided.
    Good luck!

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